Ri1000/Ri2000 OEM Ink Chip Recovery Tool


This is an Ri1000/Ri2000 OEM Chip reset tool that allows you to recover unused ink in your carts even when the chip says your cart is empty – but is definitely not.

It is a known fact that the OEM chips can read empty leaving half or more than half of the ink in the cart (which is still usable) but you can’t use it because the chip malfunctioned and shows as empty. This is a problem and waste of YOUR money. This tool allows you to recover ANY ink remaining in your cartridge and get the full use of the ink you originally paid for…

The Chip Resetter can be ordered with 100/200/300/400/500 clicks or resets. When the resets are gone, just reorder another Chip Resetter. There is a two week plus lead time as this is NOT A STOCK item.

The Chip Resetter will automatically detect the COLOR of the chip and the size (200ml/500ml carts) and reset accordingly. The Chips are reset to 100%. The printer DOES NOT KNOW if there is ink in the cart.

Users assume all responsibility for any damage to the printer that would occur due to lack of ink in the bags. We are NOT responsible for any damage that may occur due to owner/operator negligence or other issues associated with using this chip resetter tool.

Owner/Operator needs to constantly monitor the actual ink levels. If are is sucked into the lines when the ink cart is empty, or over pressurization occurs due to nothing being able to be sucked into the printer, damage to print heads, lines or any component in the printer, the user of this product assumes all responsibility.



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Weight 1 lbs

100, 200, 300, 400, 500