Viper XPT-1000 Pretreatment Machine


Viper XPT-1000 Pan

Viper XPT-1000 Pretreatment Machine PAN

Viper XPT-1000 Pan
The Pan is used as a base for the Viper XPT-1000 Spray Unit and is designed to keep all "bounce" contained.

Viper XPT-1000 Spray Unit and Platen

Viper XPT-1000 Spray Unit and Platen
The Viper XPT-1000 is a simple to use and affordable DTG Pretreatment Machine.

Product Description

Viper XPT-1000 Pretreatment Machine

The Viper XPT-1000 Pretreatment Machine is designed to help you pretreat your DTG shirts faster and easier.

NOTE: 8/12/16 UPDATE: CURRENTLY THERE IS ABOUT A 1 WEEK LEAD TIME ON SHIPPING THE VIPER XPT-1000. You will be notified when your equipment might ship.

Viper XPT-1000 Pretreatment Machine

The Viper XPT-1000 Pretreatment Machine is simply the best, most affordable way to help ensure that you are pretreating your DTG garments consistently each and every time. Simple controls make it easy to set the amount of pretreatment applied as well as how to set the spray length.



Unit Specifications:

  • Spray area up to 20″ wide
  • Spray Length 2″-24″ – user adjustable
  • Simple, easy to adjust up/down to adjust spray width
  • Each to adjust left/right for spray placement
  • Interchangeable platens allow for easy placement of shirt and smoothing of fabric
  • Uniquely engineered “open” spray system saves time by reducing motions of opening/closing/opening spray drawer – easily increases productivity by 10-20 seconds per garment sprayed.
  • Easy end-of-day cleaning routine with the simple pressing of the Cleaning Solution fluid input button and water buttons.
  • Runs on 24VDC power supply
  • Simple, single nozzle design is easy to change or interchange with other spray tips
  • Easy and simple to setup.

Once the machine is out of the box, setup is simple as seen in the Video below: